Women March Against Trump – Ugly, Bitter and Irrelevant

The women are coming… Oh no!

A cadre of “feminists,” female Progressives, transgender Progressives (aka men pretending to be women), pussified male Progressives, and an assortment of other ugly, bitter and irrelevant Left-wing nuts is set to descend upon Washington, D.C. to protest the inauguration of a duly-elected President. Although most right-thinking Americans will be annoyed, if not appalled, by some of the insanity which is sure to be on display during this “Women’s March,” I encourage you to put aside your feelings of disgust and enjoy this ridiculous event. This is just one aspect of the broader Snowflake Meltdown. These people are nuts and they are losing whatever tenuous grip on reality they ever had – so enjoy!

In honor of this occasion, please enjoy this classic from Rush Limbaugh: