Liberals Outraged? Give It a Day, They’ll Be Outraged About Something Else

On the day of President Trump’s inauguration, members of the Tolerant Left took to the streets to burn things, destroy property, and assault people. The very next day, “P#ssy Hat” wearing feminist nutcases took to the streets to march for, well…um… actually those geniuses couldn’t even tell you what they were marching for, other than to say that they hate Donald Trump and like to dress like vaginas. Over the next few days the insane Left got itself hysterical over various other Trump actions such as his executive order regarding the border wall, pulling out of the TPP, green lighting an oil pipeline and, of course, his dust-up with the President of Mexico.

The second weekend of Trump’s Presidency, the time at which I am writing this piece, we find the Lunatics apoplectic over Trump’s “Muslim ban” which really isn’t a ban on Muslims at all. It makes one wonder what the Left will be hysterical about tomorrow. I do not have the gift of foresight, so my guess is as good as yours. However, I am certain that each new day will usher in the next wave of Liberal Outrage, making them forget all about that which they were hysterical just hours before.

The Left is truly insane. I have known this for a long time, so too, I expect, have most of you reading this. That they are insane is not new. What is new is that they no longer make any effort whatsoever to hide it. They are now, in their true form, on display for the world. This is a good thing. It serves to better differentiate themselves from normal people, thus giving American voters a clearer understanding of the choices before them. I for one, look forward to the next great Liberal Outrage.