From P*ssy Hats to Vagina Cakes – Modern Feminists are Vile Creatures

Modern-day Feminists like to tell us that they speak for all women. They don’t. They speak for extreme leftist women.

A month ago, in protesting a new duly-elected President of the United States who had just been inaugurated and hadn’t even done anything in office by that point, these lovely (term used very loosely), donned “P*ssy Hats” and took to the streets across the country as part of an organized and well-financed “Women’s March.” But that was then, and today “P*ssy Hats” are soooo yesterday!

Always seeking to outdo themselves by behaving in an ever-more revolting fashion, Feminists are now making political statements, however incoherently, by baking (I thought Feminists didn’t engage in stereotypical female behavior) and purchasing “Vagina Cakes.” Yes, “Vagina Cakes.” Actually, it’s even more disgusting than it sounds.

From Conservative News:

Move over “p–ssy hats.” Feminists have outdone themselves in the latest craze to transform their lady partys into an ornamental accessory: vagina cakes.

And they’re not stopping with cakes that look like vaginas. No, the new protest also includes cakes depicting graphic childbirth, complete with a “crowning doll’s head, strawberry blood, toasted coconut pubes, and a chocolate-frosting a**hole.” Vice has the scoop on this bizarre culinary feat:

Keep it classy, ladies!