College Students Traumatized by Discarded Banana Peel

When one lives in a world of “safe spaces,” it takes very little stimuli to send one into an emotional breakdown. For students at Ole Miss, all it takes is a discarded banana peel.

It appears that a student placed a banana peel in a tree after being unable to find a trash can. As we all know, if a banana peel is found anywhere without an authority figure nearby to explain the context for the banana peel’s existence, then the only rational explanation is that White Supremacists intentionally placed the banana peel in that particular location so as to intimidate and harass Black people.

The banana peel sent students and administrators at Ole Miss into near-hysterics. It led to a “day’s worth” of formal discussion about the “symbolism” of the offending banana peel.

One wonders if anyone made the obvious observation that sometimes a banana peel is just a banana peel. I rather doubt it.

Source: The Daily Mississippian