Left-Wing Racism Runs Rampant in Higher Education

A nauseating op-ed (quoted in-part below) was written by a Princeton student and appeared in the college newspaper.

It is a perfect glimpse into the sickness of racism and racial group-think which permeates colleges campuses. This student is simply regurgitating what he (or she) is being fed on a daily basis by professors and administrators. The words and phrases this person uses is a clear giveaway. These are the terms that are currently en vogue among race-obsessed academicians. With our young people being brainwashed to think in this way, is it any wonder that this society is tearing itself apart over issues of race? I think not.

From The Daily Princetonian:

The events in Charlottesville, Va., have made the presence of neo-Nazism and white nationalism in the United States undeniable. Regardless of when one became aware of the issue, let it be clear that we will not accept fascism or racism at our University, in our country, or in our lives. Nazism, white supremacy, anti-Semitism, and all forms of racism are repugnant and dehumanizing. We all have an obligation to oppose those who seek to foster hatred and discord by adopting these beliefs and actions.

Over the past seven months, the current presidential administration has actively opposed carrying out this obligation. White supremacy and the oppression of marginalized peoples has always had a political platform in the United States. The Trump administration has only exacerbated the level of violence against vulnerable individuals by emboldening racists to exercise their hatred explicitly, as evident from the acts of violence against people from historically marginalized communities directly following the election to the racist marches in the present day. Donald Trump is complicit in the rise of the alt-right and the racism and white supremacy that accompanies it.

And so, we need not hold our breath for a president who will not condemn white supremacist terrorism. Instead, we must turn to one another in solidarity and commit to coalition-building and accomplice-ship between communities of differing privileges. Recognizing the value of diversity and acceptance is a start, but we can and must do more than loftily promising to stand together.

We must be in solidarity with the counter-protesters who stood inches from torch-bearing fascists at the University of Virginia. Solidarity with Takiyah Thompson, who was arrested for toppling a Confederate statue in Durham, N.C. Solidarity with all those in this country who live under and struggle against systems of oppression.

At a white-serving and male-serving institution like Princeton University – with ties to slavery and racial and gendered exclusion – we must hold our university and each other accountable. It is not good enough to disapprove of or condemn racism, white supremacy, Nazism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, ableism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, transmisogyny, transmisogynoir, xenophobia, and any oppression of historically marginalized communities. We can and must organize with one another and against oppressive structures and ideologies on our campus and beyond.

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